There are different leather types used to make leather products. The durability, texture and even the price of the product is dependent on the leather type and its factory processing. We will look at the main types of leather available. Leather from older animals is thicker but with more natural markings as compared to that of younger animals.

Blok Shop's leather products are mostly top grain. You are therefore guaranteed of high quality products that will serve you for long.

1.Full grain.

This is the most durable and strong leather. It is not sanded or buffed. Naturalness is maintained so much so that it shows the scars and hair cells of the host animal. All markings and irregularities are preserved and the products of this type of leather are expensive.

Polare Men's Full Grain Leather 16'' Briefcase Shoulder Messenger Bag Fit 15.6'' Laptop

2. Top Grain

Obtained from the second layer of the hide, this is more uniform than full grain, the result is that the durability is compromised. The imperfections,markings and irregularities have been removed to make a more uniform appearance. 

Belt for Buckles 100% Top Grain One Piece Leather,up to Size 62, 1-1/2" Wide, Made in USA

3. Nubuck.

Slightly sanded full grain layer of the skin. It is given a suede effect. This type maybe coloured and dyed. It is thicker and more durable than the suede type

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4. Suede.

Obtained from the inner layer of the hide that is contact with the flesh of the animal. It is sanded and buffed resulting to a soft and more flexible velvety handle.

Women's black suede and leather accents purse

5. Bonded

This is the lowest grade of the leather type. It is made from the remnants of leather. They are grounded and recycled. The leather particles are bonded with adhesive and application of synthetic grain.

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6. Synthetic leather.

This type is produced in the chemical industries. Different brands give it different names. Synthetic leather is in two main categories: Polyurethane(PU) and Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) 

PVC is more durable but sticky to the human skin while PU is more flexible and breathable

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