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We have some content curation on some of the weird jobs that do exist or have existed out there. This will be just a small representation of the jobs, there are lots of what we could term as weird and or amusing jobs.

We start from home.


I have searched hard for the right word for these type of guys, and it has been quite futile. Mostly because theirs is more of a sentence(majamaa wa kupiga seti). Let me explain. These are guys in our public service vehicles. Their job is to board a psv so that it looks almost full to entice passengers to board it as opposes to another. The agony from a passenger’s perspective is how much trust you lose and how betrayed you feel when these humans start alighting one by one and booom.. you are 3 authentic passenger in a 54 seater matatu. Woe unto you if you were in a hurry. There are cases of people who have been harassed when they attempted to alight. The pacesetters pocket around sh 10/20 per service. Not sure if this kind of job is sustainable though with such returns.

Armpit sniffer

Eeeeww... hold it right there. How do you think perfume manufacturers test their products? Especially on the durability of the scent. Makes sense now? They check the effectiveness of deodorant in controlling sweaty smells and then write up reports on the effectiveness of the different deodorants involved. Yeap..

Professional Mourners

This is actually global. These are simply people who offer their services in funeral services. They mourn for and alongside you in the event of a loss of a loved one. I do not know why one would need this service though.

Golf ball diver

Golf courses have a water body, just to make your golf career harder, or more interesting. Naturally, therefore some golf balls will find their way in this area. You might actually get penalized if the balls lands on the water hazard areas. Those balls are not simply forgotten or written off. There are divers to retrieve them and that is their profession. Sounds cool I think.

Professional sleeper  

This is it. I have found my calling. Anyone with connections to this profession, be nice, halla.. Anyway, mostly in the world of research, professional sleepers help scientists and doctors figure out the mysteries behind numerous sleep disorders. Equally, space scientists hope to create methods that can counteract the impacts of weightlessness and other space phenomenon from data collected from this research.

Bed Tester

Wait, could this be my other calling… that’s it, I am going to be riiiich.. lol. Mostly used by mattress manufacturers, this profession determines to check the quality of mattresses. Professionals in this area lie down for hours, giving feedbacks on the feel of the test mattress.

Aircraft detector

Working under pressure must have been coined from this profession. My thoughts. Before the invention of the radar systems, soldiers would manually listen into the skies for incoming fighter aircrafts using eg a two-horn system. Surprisingly, this method was pretty accurate in its own way. It was able to detect the aircraft but faced a challenge in getting exact distance and location. It would later be rendered obsolete with the invention of the radar system.

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We stop at that. I need to look for vacancies in professional sleeping or bed testing.