For a long time, people have been choosing earphones to purchase by their brand names and with time have come to realize that a name is just a name. To be frank sometimes a known brand name doesn't mean quality.

There are many other factors that one can consider when purchasing earphones. In addition to many manufacturers, earphones have evolved with category and design making choosing quite a difficult process. One’s choice of design and category is entirely up to an individual’s preference.

Despite having a pair of earphones that come in the phone box while purchasing a smart-phone, they are most times not the best earphones. Hence the need to get quality earphones for music consumption or any other listening you gotta do.

Below are the different attributes one can check while choosing earphones of their choice:

Sound quality

Sound quality varies with earphones and it is important as the buyer to assess the quality of each earphones sound. While choosing songs to test them with, play both high and low frequencies and check for any rattling noise to assess the dynamic range.


Like the sound quality, the comfort varies from one set of earphones to the next. One has to choose the design they’d want from in-ear which has to be inserted inside the ear and on-ear that perch on the ear than go deep in the ear canal.


It is important for a buyer to decide if he or she wants wireless earphones or those with a cable. Wireless are considered the most portable and would suit if the buyer does a number of things throughout the day where they could just hang them around the neck and be free to do anything.


Depending on the buyer, it may be important to look for earphones that block out background noise by canceling sound waves that come from the outside of the earphones. Earphones with noise-isolating capabilities are beneficial if the wearer is in noisy settings, such as on an airplane or in a car with a loud relative. Noise blocking allows the wearer to truly enjoy what he or she is listening to. These are sometimes marketed as noise-canceling earphones.

Other tips

  • Don’t just buy the most expensive model. Sometimes the cheaper ones are what you are looking for

Decide what you most want in earphones: bass quality, surround sound, comfort, portability, or noise isolation.